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Ecommerce web site design is a special offering by KM Printing. Being a very specialized job, ecommerce web site design is a portion which most web site design companies shy away from. It entails detailed coding and a high level of technical expertise.

Over the past decade, we have assembled a team of technical experts who have gathered rich experience in efficient handling of ecommerce web site design and development projects. At any point in time that you may desire, you can enjoy the benefits of our team's experience in handling ecommerce web site design projects.

Ecommerce web site design is the art and science of displaying your products and services online; and providing transactional ability to the web site for your ecommerce web site visitors to transact your products and services against cash or kind. .

The usual ways to transact cash are: Credit Cards, Cash on Delivery, and online services such as PayPal. The usual ways to transact in kind are: Link exchange, Banner exchange and online references (usually through widgets or trackbacks).

Thus, ecommerce web site design enables all types of transactions:
  • Between Business and Business (B2B): eg.
  • Between Business and Customer (B2C): eg.
  • Between Customer and Customer (C2C): eg.

Ecommerce Web Site Design is all about Enabling Online Business:

Ecommerce web site design requires not only technical knowledge, but also requires acute business sense.

The navigation, internal links, product/service description and placement, testimonial placement, location of the search box and other form elements, link to the feedback form, link to the FAQ section, placement of banners all of these elements have to be placed strategically as per usual user habits which have been determined through research. We have access to such research conducted by top notch universities and internet marketing firms and we design your ecommerce web site to take complete advantage with researched facts. Even colors have an aura and can grant a range of intangibles to your ecommerce web site such as credibility, authenticity, professionalism, youthfulness and speed. The content of your website needs to be informative, interesting and persuasive. All of these are considered before finalizing the layout of your ecommerce web site.

Marketing brings in the eyeballs and they are of course important; but unless those eyeballs convert into user action, all effort is lost. We create ecommerce web site designs which gently but surely persuade your web site visitor to take some desired action's make a purchase, fill in a market survey form, register and sign in, post on a message board or subscribe to a newsletter.

You can also write to us with your requirements and get a free ecommerce web site design quote

We are interested in helping you make your share of profits from the internet. Do write to us, we wll love to answer back!

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